Lowri on the podium

The 30th Borussia Dusseldorf Andro Kids competition took place this week and Wales’ Lowri Hurd was participating. Lowri won all her matches in her group and then proceeded to play a Polish opponent who she beat 12-10 in the 5th.  She then played a German opponent and once again it was another 5 set battle but she made it through to the semi final where she eventually lost 3-0.  A very tight match but not to be on this occasion. 

There were players from many different countries in attendance including Belgium, England, Poland, France, Holland, China, Serbia, Montenegro, South Africa, Israel…the list goes on.  A great event and a nice boast for Lowri, she fought hard and it was nice to see her progressing ready for the EuroMinis in France this coming week.