Team Championships of Wales Update

Dear Team Captains/Players/Staff/Volunteers,

This is a message regarding queries to the Team Championships of Wales due to be held on Saturday 29th January and Sunday 30th January 2022. 

When the new Government guidelines came into effect on the 26th of December, they put us into ‘Alert Level 2’ for a currently unknown time frame. For Table Tennis, this means no more than 30 people are able to attend an event. Table Tennis Wales are currently working hard liaising with Sport Wales and The National Sports Group who meet regularly with the Welsh Government to review the guidance in Wales. Our current advice from these groups, based on data from the Welsh Government, is to wait to see if restrictions are reduced either this Friday, (14th January 2022) or the following Friday (21st Jan 2022) before making a decision to postpone the event, as restrictions are likely to be eased on either of these two dates. If the restrictions are eased, it would give us the green light to carry on with the event as planned. 

As a contingency, should the restrictions not be eased and the event have to be postponed, the Competitions Committee are negotiating the venue for a different date. This will be announced with plenty of time prior to the event. If we are not able to rearrange any un-played rounds/days, Table Tennis Wales will aim to offer a percentage of the entry fee equal to the percentage of play not able to be played.

Please could team captains ensure that they inform their team of the recent announcement.

A formal announcement of the event going ahead will be made at the latest by Friday 21st January 2022. We appreciate everyone’s patience with this decision, we would really like the event to continue and go ahead as planned.

Any questions or queries, please feel free to email Ryan Trigg at: