Table Tennis Wales agrees a new partnership with SPORTTAPE

Table Tennis Wales is thrilled to announce its exciting new partnership with Sporttape, a leading supplier of athletic tapes and strapping solutions. This collaboration aims to enhance the performance and well-being of table tennis players across Wales. By joining forces with Sporttape, Table Tennis Wales aims to provide its athletes with top-quality sports tapes and strapping products that promote injury prevention, support recovery, and optimize performance on the table. This partnership signifies Table Tennis Wales’ commitment to ensuring the best possible resources and support for its players, as they strive for excellence in the sport. With Sporttape’s expertise and innovative solutions, table tennis athletes in Wales can look forward to reaching new heights in their game.


What is SPORTTAPE and how can it help you?

Kinesology taping has been used by millions of people worldwide but its popularity has grown through its clinical effectiveness at reducing pain and changing athletic function. SPORTTAPE has been created to help reduce pressure on painful areas, improve your ability to move and can promote blood flow & lymphatic drainage to help improve your recovery. SPORTTAPE can also help stabilise joints, which reduces the chance of injuries.

SPORTTAPE is widely adopted by physical therapists worldwide and is being used by everyone from Sunday league footballers to some of the world’s biggest sports stars and teams, including double Paralympic Gold Medalist Aled Davies, and British Ski & Snowboarding.

The new partnership means all Table Tennis Wales members can now access 20% off all products in their  Kinesiology tape and sports tapes specialists – SPORTTAPE range using the code from their members benefits.

Table Tennis Wales members can also access the free Sporttape ebooks which will show you how to use the tape effectively.