Swansea Lift The Title

Swansea A reclaimed their title which they won in 2018-2019 after a nail biting win vs Rhondda A in the final match of the season.

Chris Bush beat Beth Richards to make it 4/2 to Swansea and collect the prize fund on offer for the Champions. Rhondda A came in second.

Other Champions included Blaenavon in Division 1, and will join both Swansea and Rhondda next season in the Premier. Carmarthen A took 2nd spot. In Division 2 Memory Lane got the winners trophies from 2nd place Cardiff League 2.

In Division 3 Cardiff League C won all their matches with Swansea D coming in runners up. Wildmill B topped Division 4 from Bridgend B. In Division 5 it was Ael Y Bryn who came in top, Cardiff City G were runners up.

It will all happen again in September as we kick off 2020-2021 season

Memory Lane
Cardiff League C
Wildmill B
Ael Y Bryn A