So you want to be a table tennis coach?

Being a Table Tennis coach can be a rewarding experience. Learning to become a coach, and involvement in the sport brings benefit not only to yourself but to those who you come in contact with – in addition to “table tennis specific” skills, benefits include developing communication and analytical skills, teamwork and leadership.
This document is a guide to all “would be” coaches who want to inspire others to succeed in the sport of Table Tennis in Wales.

Experience –  
Prior experience in the game, although it can be beneficial, is NOT essential. The TTW coach education programme will give you the tools and techniques to enable you to become and develop as a Table Tennis coach.

How and where to start –    It is advisable to find a club in your area with people who want to play table tennis. It could be a youth club with table tennis tables or one in a local community centre or village/church hall etc. It is best to join an established club and get involved in the coaching set-up. If nothing is available locally, TTW can help and support you to find or set up a club in an appropriate venue (contact

 – There are various ways to access funding for your coaching.

The main one is through Community Chest (run through a partnership with 22 local authorities in Wales) where, you can apply through your club – details can be found on the Sport Wales website (

Occasionally other opportunities to source funding become available through TTW – to check if there are any current funds available please contact the TTW General Manager through the website (

Coaching Qualification
 – TTW aims to provide a quality and inclusive coach education programme serving coaches of all abilities, provide specialist CPD and establish a World Class Coaching Framework. The coaching pathway (below) summarises the various stages. Starting, at the introductory level with the Leaders Award and moving into the UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC) / “1st4sport” endorsed courses (Level 1 to 4)


The TTW Coaching Pathway


UKCC Level 4



UKCC Level 3



UKCC Level 2



UKCC Level 1



Introduction to Coaching

[TTW Practical Table Tennis Leaders Award]


Brief details of the available courses are given below:


Introduction to Coaching – TTW Practical Table Tennis Leaders Award
The aim of this award is to give any aspiring coach a basic understanding of the sport of Table Tennis with information covering the bat grip, the four basic strokes, playing the game and how to plan a session. It is important at the outset to understand the correct techniques of the basic strokes.

#c8102eCourse participants, along with absolute beginners are usually volunteers and helpers (including parents of players) who want to get more involved and to support the more established coaches in their clubs.

This initial course should give you the knowledge and confidence to get involved in coaching table tennis.

The course length is 4 hours and costs £20.

UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC) / “1st4sport” endorsed courses
The UK Coaching Certificate is an endorsement of sport specific coach education qualifications against agreed criteria across five levels. This means that all sports will have to include the same core content at each distinct level and meet minimum standards with regards to delivery and assessment for each qualification. By creating a recognised standard for coach education the UKCC will make it easier to identify a quality coach in any sport at any level and contribute immeasurably to the professionalisation of coaching.

The main aim of the UKCC is to improve the quality of coaching across the UK to provide safe and effective coaching system.
UKCC will work with a five Level framework:

Level 1 – Assist more qualified coaches, delivering aspects of coaching sessions, normally under direct supervision.

Level 2 – Prepare for, deliver and review coaching session(s)

Level 3 – Plan, implement, analyse and revise annual coaching programmes.

Level 4 – Design, implement and evaluate the process and outcome of long-term/specialist coaching programmes.

These courses are managed on behalf of the home countries by Table Tennis England (TTE). For further information on UKCC or TTE please visit or


Level 1
 – Successful learners will be qualified to plan and deliver basic table tennis coaching activities, normally under the direct supervision of a more qualified coach. Following the course, coaches may work independently using the UKCC National Source Group developed resources for certification to have completed an appropriate Safeguarding and Protecting Children Workshop, Essential First Aid Course and have a valid DBS (ex CRB) certificate. Please note candidates must be 16 years of age or older.

Cost of the course is £190.


Level 2 – 
This qualification builds on the planning and evaluation skills learnt at Level 1 and involves a more advanced level of technical knowledge. At this level, coaches would be expected to demonstrate more of an ability to analyse and improve the performance of their players.

The course is organised as two weekends, separated by a home study period of 8 – 10 weeks.
The knowledge gained from this certificate will enable candidates to develop an understanding of safe, ethical and effective table tennis coaching. It is a pre-requisite to have up to date certificates for attending an appropriate Safeguarding and Protecting Children Workshop, Essential First Aid Course and have a valid DBS (ex CRB) certificate.
Learners must be at least 18 years of age prior to commencing the course.

Cost of course £270


Level 3
 – The Level 3 certificate is usually delivered over 8 days. The course covers a variety of technical coaching disciplines including physiology, psychology, periodisation, biomechanics and performance analysis. Tutors are experts in their respective field with many having a table tennis background. The course is aimed at the developing coach, working with players approaching or already participating at the elite level. This is a demanding course which requires significant off-course time to complete session plans and deliver a high number of coaching sessions.


Level 4
 – This course aims to deliver a programme which is intellectually and academically challenging but is also clearly focused on the vocational needs of the sports coaching industry, generating practitioners who can challenge and develop existing systems and processes. It aims to challenge current practice and provide a platform to experiment and innovate. The PG Dip Elite Coaching Practice programme has been designed to provide a high-quality educational experience for existing UKCC level 3 coaches within the sports sector. Emphasis throughout the programme is therefore placed on developing your critical reflective and analytical skills from both a theoretical and applied perspective.

The role of a sports coach is to motivate and support people who want to develop new skills and begin a healthier lifestyle, success is not possible without quality coaching!

If you would like more information on how to become a Table Tennis coach please get in touch.

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