EYC comes to a close


Once the team events concluded, it was up to Anna Hursey, Lara Whitton, Benedict Watson, Josh Stacey & Ben Allen to keep the momentum going in the Individual events in Cluj, Romania.


Results so far:

JXD – Josh Stacey/Lisa Lange (NOR) vs Belarus (0/3)

JBD – Josh Stacey/Benedict Watson vs Moldova (3/0)

JBS – Josh Stacey vs Sweden (2/4)

JBS – Benedict Watson vs Romania (1/4)

CBS – Ben Allen vs Romania (0/4)

CXD – Lara Whitton/Ben Allen vs Bosnia (0/3)

CGS – Lara Whitton vs Greece (2/4)

JBD – Josh Stacey/Benedict Watson vs Russia (0/3)

CXD – Anna Hursey/Ivor Ban (CRO) vs Slovakia (0/3)

CBD – Ben Allen/Tom Scholtes (LUX) vs Slovenia (0/3)

CGD – Lara Whitton/Chana Van Der Veene (NED) vs Luxembourg (1/3)

CGD – Anna Hursey/Sophie Earley (IRL) vs Turkey (3/0)

CBS cons – Ben Allen vs Israel (0/3)

JBS cons – Josh Stacey (withdrew injured)

JBS cons – Benedict Watson vs Czech (2/3)

CGS cons – Lara Whitton vs Belgium (2/3)

CGS – Anna Hursey vs Greece (4/0)

CGD – Anna Hursey/Sophie Earley (IRL) vs Poland (1/3)

CGS – Anna Hursey vs Poland (1/4)




Full List of results:


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