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International Primary Schools Selections Announced
Congratulations to those selected for the competition this April. Wales are sending 8 strong players to Belfast to compete against the other Home Nations in the annual International Schools event.
Boys – Evan Williams, Elis O’Connor, Toby Harwood & Harri Palfrey
Girls – Ruby Elliott, Sasha Lewis, Seren Jones & Lily Elliott
Coaches – Simon Oyler, Josh Morgan & Ben Pearce
Teams Involved – England, Scotland, Ireland (Hosts), Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man & Wales.
2018 – Champion Ruby Elliott (girls individual)
Players competed last year: Evan Williams, Elis O’Connor, Sasha Lewis & Ruby Elliott
New players in 2019 – Lily Elliott, Seren Jones, Toby Harwood & Harri Palfrey

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