Selection & Coaches Decisions

Selection decisions (and indeed those of coaches at events or training) involve a sometimes very difficult balancing of a whole range of different and sometimes complex considerations.

These can include (not necessarily in order of priority);

  • Ability
  • Form
  • Commitment
  • Fighting spirit
  • Motivation
  • Style
  • Team spirit
  • The nature of the event and strength of opposition
  • Behaviour/conduct
  • Potential
  • Attitude to coaches
  • Squad attendance record
  • The need to develop players of currently lesser strength
  • Ranking – which, please note, is obviously taken into account but which is by no means definitive – it is merely one indicator amongst the basket of others

By their very nature these considerations generally need to remain confidential – both so as to allow for frank and honest decision-making and also so as to respect the confidentiality of all concerned – including other players. For example, a decision to pick one player above another would necessarily require discussion of both.

Hence selectors or coaches are not permitted to discuss the detail of such considerations unless they decide there is a particular advantage for an individual player in having such feedback (and provided such feedback would not prejudice the overall duty of confidentiality to others). TTW follows Sport Wales guidelines in regard to selection matters.

It is of course perfectly reasonable for players parents or coaches to seek assurances as to whether a particular player has been – and/or will continue to be – fully considered but selectors/coaches are not permitted to respond to more detailed queries (except at their discretion in the circumstances set out in the preceding paragraph).

Issued by the board October 2013

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