Scotland Punish In Perth

With the Perth Open starting tomorrow, a friendly match was organised tonight and Scotland took control of all 3 matches.

Marc Castro and Beth Roberts lost to Colin Dalgleish and Rebecca Plaistow in mixed doubles 3/2. In the singles both Marc (4/0) and Beth (4/1) lost respectively.

Yameen Al-Dahiri and Lydia John lost their singles to Dylan Curry and Paula Callaghan 3/0 and 3/2 respectively. The mix doubles was lost 3/1.

Morgan Day Davies picked up our only win with a great 3/0 vs Holly McNamara. Rashad Al-Dahiri couldn’t capitalise losing to Josef Bokedal and the tie was 1/1. Both Morgan and Rashad lost their mixed doubles 3/1 in a close match for the Scots to clinch it.

We are hoping for better tomorrow…

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