Membership Fees for 2020-2021

With a new season coming round the corner, this is certainly challenging times for table tennis as an indoor sport. Many community and leisure facilities have been repurposed and we are aware that some clubs and leagues are going to be unable to restart until maybe 2021.  However, there was encouraging news last Friday when the First Minister indicated that the reopening of indoor sports facilities may be possible after the 10th August 2020 if conditions remain favourable.

We are continuously monitoring and evaluating the Welsh Government guidelines and are collaborating with other National Governing Bodies, Sport Wales and the Welsh Sports Association to identify how these changes will affect our sport.  To get an idea on how clubs and leagues were managing at these difficult times, we touched base with the Community Council at the end of June and they discussed the development of the council to be representative and to have a voice for the grassroots of the sport.  The council is currently made up of several clubs and leagues, a disability sport officer/local authority rep and we want to gain further representation from BAME, women and girls and the veterans part of the game. 

The council provides recommendations to the TTW Board on a range of grassroots matters and given the current climate they considered the 2020-2021 membership fees and discussed what was needed for the sport as a whole. They recommended that the 2020-2021 season fees are frozen at this season’s level of £20 player affiliation and £20 player licence.  The TTW Board endorsed this recommendation and would appeal to members and clubs/leagues continue to support the sport at these difficult times.

‘Why should we pay our membership fees?’

We often get this question and during this global pandemic, it has never been more important for everyone in the sport to see the bigger picture and work together to ensure that we can recover and protect the sport in Wales for current and future generations.  We have a rich history of participation and successes and your membership money enables the sport that we all love to grow and succeed.  Your affiliation fees cover a wide range of work at the grassroots and elite level that have continued in lockdown despite the pandemic.  Your affiliation and player licence are your access to play and gives you insurance cover and access to TTW competitions. If funds our digital systems such as our membership system and our extremely important DBS checks which ensures that we safeguard the sport from abuse and poor practice.

In an ever-competing environment for children and young people, we want to ensure that table tennis is positioned as an attractive and engaging sport where you can succeed at any level.  Without your affiliation fees, we would be unable to support clubs and initiatives to grow the grassroots. 

We are open to dialogue on what member benefits you would value and this is certainly an area that we would want the Community Council to look at in the coming months.  Please support the sport you love at these difficult times.

Membership Help Videos

Due to the logistical issues associated with the Covid-19 crisis, we will encourage all members to pay their fees directly to us via our Sport80 Membership platform. Below are some helpful video links to guide you through the sytem and how to use it.

How to renew your club/league players memberships

How to purchase new memberships for members

How to purchase your first membership

You can read more on our Membership section of our website.