International Primary Schools



This weekend 11 of the Dragons Squad players competed for Wales at the International Primary Schools in Oundle, Peterborough. With Wales competing against England A and B, Scotland, Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man (boys) and Combined A and B (Girls).



Girls- Amelie David, Penny Muil, Ffion Evans, and Jessie Daniels

Boys- Dylan Williams, Oliver Harvey, Finlay Williams, and Harry Evans

Girls Combined B- Eloise Burnell

Boys Isle of Man/Wales- Charlie Meek and Jenson Denton-Smith



In the first match of the team event the girls faced off against Scotland, losing 7-3. Next up was Combined B in which Wales got the win 7/3. Onto day 2 the first game was against Jersey winning 6-4, second up was England A which was a 10/0 loss, then an 8/2 loss against England B. the last 2 matches of the event was Combined A in which Wales won 6-4 and to finish the event the girls got a 10-0 victory against Guernsey.


Placing – 4th



In their first match the boys had Guernsey which resulted in a 10-0 loss, next up was Isle of Man which resulted in a 5 all draw to finish day one. To start day two the boys faced off against England A which resulted in a 10-0 loss, next up was Scotland which was a 10-0 loss. The last two matches were Jersey which was a 2-8 loss and finally was the match against England B which was a 10-0 loss.


Placing – 8th


Individual event

There were lots of great individual performances in the individual event, but the stand outs were Amelie David for winning 15 out of her 25 matches, Oliver Harvey for fighting his way to a Bronze medal in the Boys Plate Event. Finally, Ffion Evans winning Gold in the Girls Plate Event.