Cardiff Grand Prix – Day 1

Day 1 of the Grand Prix, held at Sport Wales National Centre, brought the following results:

Morning Events

Men Band 2 – Winner Bogdan Postudor, R/up Sam Wilson

Sam & Bogdan

Men Band 4 – Winner Louie Evans, R/up Paul Karabardak

Paul & Louie

Men Band 6 – Winner Herbie Sage, R/up Tobit Dehnen

Tobit & Herbie

Women Band 2 – Winner Lu Ying, R/up Gemma Kerr

Lu & Gemma

Women Band 4 – Winner Lucy Page, R/up Lauren Loosemore

WB4 – Lucy & Lauren

Afternoon Events:

Here are the Band 1, Band 3 and Band 5 winners & R/up

Men Band 1 Winner Bogdan Postudor, Runner Up Callum Evans

Bogdan & Callum

Men Band 3 Winner Billy Shilton, Runner Up Danny Bajwa

Billy & Danny

Men Band 5 Winner Herbie Sage, Runner Up Ben Law

Herbie & Ben

Women Band 1 Winner Megan Gidney, R/Up Lu Ying

Lu & Megan

Women Band 3 winner Millie Rogove, R/up Emily Haskell