Glory in Guernsey

The Welsh team performed brilliantly this weekend in Guernsey winning a variety of medals

Team Events (Friday & Saturday)

Gold- Anna Hursey & Ruby Elliott (U14 girls)

Gold – Beth Richards & Lara whitton (U18 girls)

Bronze – Joseph Roberts & Louie Evans (U16 boys)

4th – Grace Clement & Lauren Stacey (U16 girls)

5th – Rhys Hetherton & Evan Williams (U14 boys)

6th – Benedict Watson & Jacob Young (U18 boys)

Singles (Sunday)

Gold for Anna Hursey (U14 girls)

Silver for Beth Richards (U18 girls)

Bronze for Lauren Stacey (U16 girls)

3 consolation golds

Benedict Watson (U18 boys)

Ruby Elliott (U14 girls)

Grace Clement (U16 girls)

Q-Finals for Jacob Young (U18 boys), Joseph Roberts (U16 boys), Louie Evans (U16 boys), Lara Whitton (U18 girls) & Rhys Hetherton (U14 boys)

Last 16 – Evan Williams (U14 boys)

Thanks to all the coaches and parents support