Level 2 Coaching Courses 2023 – North Wales

The Level 2 Lead Coach qualification is suitable for learners who have completed the Level 1 Session Coach qualification and wish to progress their coaching skills and knowledge.

The course consists of 3 days, spread over two weekends, and separated by a home study period of 8-10 weeks. The qualification will expand upon the ‘How to Coach’ and ‘What to Coach’ skills obtained in Level 1 in conjunction with other coaching theories, as well as their practical application.

At the conclusion of the course, coaches will have an improved ability to plan and organise, analyse, and crucially have a clear understanding of how to progress the skill level of table tennis players.


Course Content


• Communication

o Questioning

o Body Language


• The Technical Game

o Forehand & Backhand Topspin

o Forehand & Backhand Push

o Service variations

o Receive (touch, flick, push & topspin

o Footwork

o Counter Topspin


• Observation & Analysis

• Multiball

• Fundamental Movement Skill

• Feedback & Reflection

• Purposeful Practice

• Motivation & Goal Setting

• Origination & Planning

• Tactical & Technical Understanding

• Intuition & Awareness


Northop Table Tennis Club – North Wales

Day 1 – Saturday 8th July

Day 2 – Sunday 9th July

Day 3 – Saturday 2nd September 2023

Venue: Edith Bankes Memorial Hall, High Street, Northop, CH7 6BQ

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Jul 08 2023 - Sep 02 2023


All Day

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Edith Bankes Memorial Hall
High Street, Northop, CH7 6BQ
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