ETTU Webinar

During lockdown the team is as busy as ever and working hard behind the scenes. Matt Porter recently represented Table Tennis Wales at a European Table Tennis Union webinar when he ‘virtually’ joined other Coaches to talk about the psychology of the game which proved to be really insightful considering Matt’s responsibilities now include taking the lead on the Aspire squad sessions.

The webinar highlighted the psychological effects on players in terms of pressure, anxiety, self-confidence, motivation and concentration while expert advice was given on what skills can be applied to deal with these key areas while also addressing the importance of setting goals be it performance and outcome in terms of results.

When reflecting on the ETTU webinar, Matt said: ‘The webinar was really interesting and I found it especially useful when we heard from a Psychologist who has worked with top Croatian players Zoran Primorac, Tamra Boros and Andrej Gaćina in terms of the process and techniques that are used to get the players to focus under pressure.’

‘Having now attended the webinar, we can apply these techniques when coaching our National team players. We can also help Coaches within our Club set-up to put the techniques into practice so they in turn can pass on this valuable information to the next generation of players’