Table Tennis Wales (TTW) has received notice from over 50% of voting members to call a general meeting to consider and vote upon a special resolution. The Directors of TTW have taken advice to ensure that the notice complied with the relevant company law requirements and accordingly are calling an EGM on the 16th of February 2021 to be held electronically. Formal notice of that meeting has been sent out to the voting membership, as required.

What is a Special Resolution?

A special resolution is a type of decision that requires at least 75% of votes held by voting members at the meeting to be cast in favour of it. The proposed special resolution suggests a range of amendments to the company’s Articles of Association. The company’s Articles of Association is the governing document that defines the purpose of a company and specifies the regulations for how it operates. It outlines how tasks should be achieved within an organisation, including the preparation and management of financial records, and the process of director appointments.

This special resolution focuses on changes to two particular areas relating to who can amend and approve the Byelaws of the sport and how Directors are recruited to the TTW Board. TTW has taken advice on the potential implications of these amendments from our legal partner, Loosmores Solicitors and from Sport Wales, as our main grant funder. We have collated this information into a paper so that the sport are fully aware of the ramifications if voting members vote this through.

Implications of These Changes

The ‘TTW Response to Special Resolution’ paper below, along with a letter from Sport Wales outlines the impact on Sport Wales investment if some of the recommendations in the special resolution are enacted .

Any change to TTW’s Sport Wales investment would present stark ramifications for the future of community and elite table tennis in Wales. This proposal has arrived during the worst time for sport in modern history and TTW are unclear on the rationale or the motivation for these changes. TTW recognises that the current Articles need a fill review in conjunction with the Byelaws and would encourage this to be a collaborative and thorough exercise, rather than rush through inconsistent and damaging changes.

Many playing members may question the helpfulness or utility of these changes at this time. If you have any questions or concerns about this special resolution then please voice them to your club/league nominated representative who will be voting on your behalf. Please ask your club/league Secretary or Chair if you are unsure of who this person is. The following have a vote/s at the EGM:

Cardiff and District League
Newport League and Eastern Valley League now Gwent Table Tennis Club
East Flintshire League
Swansea League
Carmarthen League
Penlan Table Tennis Club
Llandudno League
Wrexham League

TTW Notice Requiring Meeting

Sport Wales Letter

TTW Response to Special Resolution