Commonwealth Games Gets Underway in Less Than 24 Hours

This evening sees the opening ceremony of the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham where Wales will be represented by Anna Hursey, Callum Evans,

Charlotte Carey, Chloe Thomas Wu Zhang, Grace Williams, Lara Whitton and Joshua Stacey along with coaches Stephen Jenkins and Joshua Morgan, team manager Natasha Hurd and physio Katy Williams.


The table tennis event spans the whole duration of the games starting on Friday 29th July and concluding on the 8th August. First up for Wales is the Woman’s team event (Woman’s Team, Carey, Hursey, Thomas Wu Zhang & Whitton) starting on Friday 29th which is then followed by individual events (Woman’s Singles, Carey, Hursey, Thomas Wu Zhang. Men’s Singles, Evans. Woman’s Doubles, Carey/Hursey & Thomas Wu Zhang/Whitton. Mixed Doubles, Carey/Evans) along with Para Singles, (Men’s Class 8-10,  Stacey and Woman’s Class 6-10, Williams).


Day 1 will see the start of the action for Wales with the Woman’s Team who have been drawn into group 4 and will play Canada, Vanuatu and Uganda.

Our team, seeded 14th, start against 6th seeds Vanuatu followed by Uganda the 11th seeds. The final group match will see our woman take on the 4th seeds Canada.

Friday 29th July, 9.30am vs Vanuatu

Friday 29th July, 4pm vs Uganda

Saturday 30th July, 9.30am vs Canada


Key Dates for Our Team

Woman’s Team – 29th July – 1st August

Woman’s Singles – 3rd August – 7th August

Men’s Singles – 3rd August – 8th August

Woman’s Doubles – 4th August – 8th August

Mixed Doubles – 4th August – 7th August

Men’s Class 8-10 – 3rd August – 7th August

Woman’s Class 6-10 – 3rd August – 6th August