Commonwealth Championships

The 21st Commonwealth Championships take place 17th-22nd July



Men –

Day 1: lost 0/3 to Australia & beat South Africa 3/0

Day 2: lost to Malaysia 0/3, beat Sri Lanka 3/1 & lost to India 0/3

Day 3: lost to Nigeria 0/3 (finish 6th)


Day 1: lost to Singapore 0/3 & beat Scotland 3/0

Day 2: lost to India 0/3, lost to Nigeria 2/3 & lost to Malaysia 2/3

Day 3: beat Sri Lanka 3/0 (7th spot)


Update from Commonwealths – Singles….

Mixed doubles 
Josh & Anna lost 3-0 to Nigeria 
Dean & Beth lost 3-0 to India
Benedict & Lara lost 3-1 to Singapore
Charlotte & Callum had a bye

Charlotte & Callum beat India 3-1

Charlotte and Callum beat Singapore 3-0


Charlotte & Callum lost to India

Men’s singles:
All players out in group, Callum lost to Indian player close, Josh lost to an Australian 11-8 in 5th then lost to an Indian player

Woman’s singles:
Anna Lara and Beth out in groups, Charlotte had a bye to last 16 but lost to an Indian opponent.

Mixed doubles

All men’s and woman’s doubles are out

Full draw:’Tough’%20is%20easy%20for%20Sharath’s%20Team%20India

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